Our green policy

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide the most sustainable accommodation environment we can, we have implemented many strategies to reduce waste, maximise efficiency and embrace sustainability here at Vomero.

Owning a listed building brings additional challenges and restrictions but we still try to reduce our carbon footprint as best we can and we would like to ask you to help us by considering your environmental impact and where possible to support our strategies when visiting this beautiful area of Devon.

At Vomero Holiday Apartments we care about the environment and long term sustainability. We are undertaking the following actions in order to achieve this:


  • Use of energy saving light bulbs in nearly all fittings
  • Movement sensor controlled lights in communal areas and car park
  • Encouraging guests to switch off lights and not to leave electrical devices on standby when leaving their apartments 
  • Energy efficient cookers and fridges (most rated as 'A' or 'B')
  • Providing drying racks in each apartment and a communal washing line for the drying of clothes - helping reduce the use of tumble drier
  • Additional insulation in loft space
  • Thick curtain material and lining to help insulate the apartments
  • Guest computer in hallway automatically enters sleep mode


  • We ensure regular checks are made to water and sewage pipes to avoid leaks
  • Water efficient showers fitted
  • Harvesting of rain water for watering of plants
  • We have started a programme of replacing toilets with dual flush cisterns


  • We endeavour to use natural based cleaners and methods when servicing the apartments 
  • Use recycled and eco-friendly products i.e. toilet paper, washing up liquid etc
  • Launderette – offer free eco-friendly washing powder and conditioner, for guests use
  • Wooden garden chairs are made from FSC wood
  • Encourage guests to visit local markets to buy local or regional produce or shop at fair trade shops


  • Encourage guests to recycle, paper, cardboard, tins, cartons, bottles into communal recycling bin
  • We use ‘Freecycle’ website to advertise any unwanted cookers, fridges, furniture etc
  • Old sheets are used by us for decorating and unwanted duvet covers, kitchenware etc is donated to local charity shops
  • Reuse scrap paper/envelopes’ for note paper
  • Provide ‘bags for life’ for guests to use reducing unnecessary use of plastic carrier bags
  • Replacing batteries in remote controls with rechargeable batteries
  • In previous years an oak tree which had to be felled was later used to make kitchen units for the apartments and a felled ash tree was used to make bed frames
  • We have used the opt-out preference with the Royal Mail to stop unsolicited mail


  • A comprehensive selection of maps for walkers and cyclists
  • Safe area for cycles to be left
  • Bus timetables available
  • We walk to the Post Office to post business letters and parcels

Natural and Cultural Heritage

  • We are members of Torbay Civic Society, National Trust and Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust who all actively support and protect natural and cultural heritage in the area
  • Provide a wide range of books on natural and cultural heritage in the area
  • Within the acre of grounds at Vomero we have bird feeding stations and nest boxes
  • When oak tree had to be felled smaller branches were chipped and then placed on the garden borders and some logs were placed around the garden to provide a habitat for wildlife
  • Use of organic and natural methods in the garden